This seminar series will run across 2015-19.

Convenor: Professor Lisa Adkins

Series brief: In a context of pervasive financialization, ubiquitous debt, economic crises, recession, austerity, unemployment and underemployment, wage repression and the transfer of risks from employers and the state to individuals and households, the economy has emerged as a critical and urgent site of inquiry across the disciplines of the social sciences and beyond. This is so not only because of forms of social suffering which recent economic events have unfolded, but also because of the challenges these events raise for many of the core assumptions of sociology and cognate social sciences. The Rethinking Economies seminar series not only maps these challenges but also considers how the social sciences can re-orient themselves to meet them. The first seminars took place in May and June 2015 and a new series takes place in 2016.


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