Mona Mannevuo has a background in cultural history, gender studies and cultural studies. She holds an MA and successfully defended her doctoral dissertation, ‘Affect Factory: Rationalisation of Labour in Historical Continuums’ [Affektitehdas. Työn rationalisoinnin historiallisia jatkumoita]  in 2015. Her thesis is an interdisciplinary work that engages with on-going debates concerning post-Fordist politics, affects and labour.

Her research interests are capitalism, labour history, affect theory, class and gender. Her latest publications include ‘Reading the Faces of Hunger: Disturbing Images of Child Malnutrition in the World Press Photo Competition’ (European Journal of Cultural Studies, 2014) and ‘Caught in a bad romance? Affective Attachments in Contemporary Academia’ (The Post-Fordist Sexual Contract: Working and Living in Contingency, eds. Adkins & Dever, Palgrave MacMillan, 2016). She is also one of the editors of a special issue on ‘Affective Capitalism’ for the journal Ephemera.

Mona Mannevuo joined the project as a Research Fellow in 2016.

Photo: Mari Lehto


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